Anti-corrosion protection

Industrial anti-corrosion – is a long-term protection of metal from corrosion of reinforced concrete structures using advanced technologies from leading manufacturers.

“Bikor” company has a great experience of corrosion protection works of steel structures in refineries, as well as in chemical and food industry. These are oil and light oil storage tanks, (diesel fuel, AI, aviation fuel), pipes and ramps, and also food products storage tanks (beer, coconut oil, etc.)

Using of high-performance imported machinery of world-renowned companies, such as “AtlasCopco”, “Clemco”, “Wiwa”, “Graco”, “Munters”, allows us to to perform quality work in a short time according to the requirements of international standards ІSO 8501 and ISO 12944. Quality control is performed at every stage of works with “Electro-Physik” and “ElcometerInstruments” instruments.

Quality of works and use of corrosion-resistant materials of well-known manufacturers (“Jotun”, “InternationalPaint”, “Permacor”, “Sigma”, “Sika” and others) provides a long-life of protective coatings. The warranty period for anti-corrosive protection performed by “Bikor” is up to 10 years.