Metal constructions manufacturing

Our company produces more than 1,500 tons of metal constructions and non-standard equipment per year, including:

  • metal building and technology constructions (GOST23118-78)
  • steel welded farms for industrial buildings (GOST 23119-79)
  • march stairs, platforms and railings, steel (GOST 23120 -78)
  • crane steel beams for electric general-purpose bridge cranes capacity up to 50 tons (GOST 23120-78)
  • bunk overpass for technological pipelines (GOST 23236-78)
  • steel tanks for oil storage capacity of up to 1000m3, gas tanks and constructions of water towers (OKP codes 526510, 526520)

All the products mentioned are certified by the State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization, Metrology and Certification. Besides, we have experience in producing various kinds of gas lines, steel furnaces metal construction, bunkers and non-standard equipment for the oil refining, mining, chemical and other industries.