Tank equipment

For more than 10 years «Bikor Ltd.» is successfully supplying various branded equipment for tank farms and industrial enterprises. Among them are:

high-strength aluminum internal floating roofs (pontoons)

The construction is a lightweight compact internal floating roof made from high-grade aluminum, stainless steel or a combination of these two materials. It is used in fixed roof tanks for storage of volatile hydrocarbons. The system is designed as a pontoon-constructor that floats on the stored liquid product and works as a gas barrier. It reduces vapour loss up to 99%. Thus the system guarantees not only a significant revenue from tank usage, but also protects the air, effectively preventing environmental pollution.

Aluminium dome roofs for storage tanks and warehouses

Details on domed roofs

Seals (valves) for aluminum internal floating roofs

Mixers (stirrers) for erosion and deposition in oil mixing tank

This system is widely used throughout the world. Mixer of any size and capacity (size and power are selected individually depending on the size of the tank) has excellent performance and durability combined with ease of maintenance.

Floating roof floodgate system (drainage)

The drainage system can be installed in any tank with a floating roof. Joints are made with the use of steel wires, stainless steel, polypropylene and polyester film and fabrics layers (guaranteed number of twists – 10000). Special «flexitallic» pads guarantee the absolute integrity of the flood gates system.

SwingMaster oil pumping floating pipelines and swivels.

All this equipment is successfully operating in the oil and gas enterprises of Ukraine and Belarus. Our company is certified by the manufacturers to perform the installation and commissioning of the equipment supplied.